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Nazomi Nazomi
Nazomi is a fabless semiconductor company focused on providing multimedia application processor solutions to mobile phone makers. Its solutions boost processing and performance of video, audio, gaming and graphics. Nazomi pioneered, developed and holds fundamental patents on Java hardware acceleration technology.
Ashvattha Semiconductor, Inc. Ashvattha Semiconductor
Ashvattha Semiconductor, Inc., "The Wireless Convergence Company," is a provider of highly integrated radio frequency (RF) chips for wireless device manufacturers. Using its patented technology, Ashvattha has successfully integrated multiple RF front ends on a single chip, thus cost-effectively enabling the creation of multimode, multifunction devices. The wireless arena is hungry for smaller form-factors, higher power efficiency, and lower costs. By achieving all these goals simultaneously, Ashvattha's revolutionary technology promises to become the dominant technology for wireless applications of the future.
GTRAN, founded in January 1999, has developed and deployed high speed opto-electronic integrated circuits and transponder modules for OC-192 and OC-768 applications. GTRAN's engineers design the critical opto-electronic interface circuits such as Laser Diode drivers, Trans-impedance amplifiers and Limiting amplifiers and integrate them with multiplexers/demultiplexers and optics to provide an integrated 10Gb/s transponder module for IR and SR applications. GTRAN will continue to expand it's 10Gb/s Transponder family by adding transponders for the VSR and the WDM markets.
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