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Euclid Euclid
Euclid is a leading provider of business-centric IT management software that enables Global 2000 corporations to rapidly achieve effective IT governance. Euclid enables CIOs to proactively align IT with the business, deliver value and communicate performance in terms the business understands, the CFO will approve, and the corporate governance committee requires. Featuring industry-leading executive business-centric dashboards, Euclid's comprehensive suite of BizSmart™ applications help CIOs achieve effective IT governance by ensuring strategic alignment, performance measurement, value delivery and risk management.
Everypath Everypath
Everypath is a mobile task automation software company, enabling business critical tasks to be performed on handheld devices to improve user productivity, reduce operating expense and increase management visibility. Our unique approach permits business process to be extracted from existing applications for use on virtually any handheld device. Everypath products are deployed in a variety of industry segments including pharmaceutical, manufacturing, insurance, consumer products, financial services, chemical and more. We have partnered with the industry's leading technology and services companies to meet our customer's needs throughout the world.
NextNine NextNine
NextNine is the leading provider of remote customer support solutions for networked intelligent systems. We provide a distributed software solution that enables automation of support processes, proactive monitoring, preventive maintenance, system audit and best-practice analysis to maximize the availability and performance of business-critical systems. We let manufacturers and system integrators of networked systems deliver better, proactive service at lower cost, maximizing customer satisfaction and return on investment.
PostX Corporation PostX Corporation
PostX ensures the secure electronic delivery of information vital to business and customer relationships. PostX delivers significant cost savings and benefits from an increase in effective communications with employees, partners, and customers. We enable secure delivery via Email, the Web, and Wireless networks to your customers, partners and employees. PostX partners and customers include the United States Postal Service (USPS), IBM, VISA, Bell & Howell, Children's Hospital, the Mayo Clinic, ABN Amro, Charles Schwab & Co, J.P. Morgan Chase, Xpedite and DST Output.
Savvion Savvion
Savvion develops business process management (BPM) software that improves business performance and reduces costs within and across functional business units. Over 150 global business enterprises, public service agencies, and systems integration firms, including 15% of the Fortune 100, use Savvion software to automate, manage, monitor and optimize a broad range of mission critical business processes. More than 500,000 users, across 11 different industries, quote, order, approve, manage and conduct the processes that make up the lifeblood of their businesses using Savvion's enterprise business solutions.
Tharas Systems Tharas Systems
Tharas Systems develops and markets high performance verification systems to designers of complex integrated circuits and electronic systems. The Tharas solution leads to significant shortening of the verification cycle; the payoff is material reduction in time-to-market. The patented hardware accelerator HammerTM is the only solution that speeds up both the simulation of the design as well as execution of the test bench. Simulation acceleration applies to behavioral, RTL, and gate-level representations of VHDL, Verilog or mixed language designs.
Xpedion Design Systems Xpedion
Xpedion Design Systems, Inc provides accurate transistor-level simulation, analysis and behavioral modeling solutions to RFIC/Wireless and high frequency System-on-Chip (SoC) designers. Our GoldenGate RFIC simulator and GoldenGate Model Compiler are integrated with standard design flows and use existing foundry device model libraries. With Xpedion, design engineers now have the fastest and most accurate transistor level frequency-domain simulation and modeling technologies available for analysis of analog circuit behavior without the usual constraints upon circuit size, frequency or complexity. Our cutting edge technology enables orders of magnitude improvement in simulation performance as well as enabling complex analyses not available from other suppliers.
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