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Two accomplished leaders of the technology industry, Raj Singh and Raj Parekh, joined forces in 1997 to form Redwood Venture Partners. After successful operating careers as design engineers and founders and leaders of some of Silicon Valley’s most innovative companies over the last twenty years, they wanted to work together with a new generation of entrepreneurs to build world-class companies across a broad spectrum of software, communications, semiconductor, and networking markets.

Redwood Ventures provides early-and middle-stage venture financing to startups founded by strong management teams based on a compelling business plan, a clear product direction with a sustainable competitive advantage, and a large market opportunity.

Since 1997, Redwood has raised 4 venture capital funds – representing over $150 million in invested capital - and have achieved impressive investment returns in financing some extraordinary success stories. Companies funded through the four Redwood funds have been acquired or gone public with over $10 billion in market capitalization over the last 7 years.

The current fund is organized as Redwood Ventures IV, LLP.

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